Listen Intelligently

Surround sound is natural. The human hearing is always in surround mode. SONIQ’s iQS™ surrounds you in a sphere with sound that is immersive, natural and dynamic. With SONIQ’s iQS™ powered sound systems, an ordinary movie night at home transforms into a cinematic event in an elegant and simple solution.

Typically, to create an immersive 3D sound environment will require complex setups that include assigned placements of speakers or wall reflectors. With SONIQ’s iQS™, audio signal processing is simplified into one compact solution that is rich and lifelike.

SONIQ’s iQS™ offers a significant quality, performance and price advantage over competing solutions. Basic surround sound is created by experiencing sound from several angles, but it does not reconstruct the placement of each instrument or voice. With surround sound, the sound is at the speaker, whereas with iQS™ audio technology, sound travels from the speaker directly to your ear, giving you a greater sense of the sound’s inception and location.

Our passion to create audio purity has guided us in the development of our technology and products. With our proprietary components, unique speaker configuration and specialist audio tuning, we have delivered a solution that is a combination of science and art. The result? Magic to your ears!

Key Features of SONIQ iQS™

  • Proprietary design that combines speaker placement with matching analog signal processing circuit to create an immersive audio perception and direction
  • Maintains vocal clarity in enhanced sound environment
  • Intelligently recreates the sound field as it was intended and captured during recording



Experience movies and music in the comfort of your home like you have never heard before. From the roar of the crowd to the plucking of a violin string, the HTS500 immerses you completely in the iQS™ sound sphere that is immersive, natural and dynamic.

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Immerse Yourself

SONIQ HTS500 gives you the power to transform your home theater experience into a cinematic event. With our iQS™ processor built right in, what you get is sound the way it is meant to be heard: immersive, natural and dynamic.

Adding dimension to the aural experience, SONIQ’s HTS500 also includes a subwoofer that reproduces the non-directional lower frequencies, that adds depth to your listening experience.

Award Winning Sound

6Star_DiamondOur excellence in sound and audio clarity has not gone unnoticed by one of the most influential tastemakers in the luxury lifestyle industry, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. The SONIQ HTS500 made history by becoming the first sound system to be awarded with the 6 Star Diamond Award. The award represents our dedication towards innovation, excellence and our drive towards creating audio experiences that are immersive.

We’ve Got You Connected

Bluetooth-2We designed the SONIQ HTS500 with you in mind. With Bluetooth built right in, you can stream music wirelessly from your smartphone or any Bluetooth capable device.

We have also included both analog and digital audio inputs into our system that allows you to connect the HTS500 to a variety of devices such as Blu-Ray or DVD players,  media streaming devices, gaming consoles etc. No matter which device is connected, the HTS500 will intelligently adapt sound to the picture.

No Walls Required

Unlike other home theater solutions, the HTS500 does not need walls to create surround sound. The SONIQ iQS™ technology creates natural surround sound using proprietary analog signal processing, acoustic design and custom speaker drivers.

Compact Size

Do not let its size deceive you ears. The HTS500 compact size means more picture, less clutter. Simplifying the process further, all it takes is one proprietary cable connected to the speaker, and you all set. No more knocking down walls and messing around with cables to achieve 5.1 surround sound.


Key Features

  • Integrated SONIQ iQS™ Analog Audio Processor
  • Natural immersive sound
  • Built-in 5.1 Dolby Digital® and DTS decoder
  • 2 analog and 3 digital inputs
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Technical Specifications

Audio System

Left, Center & Right: 45W (3x15)
Subwoofer: 45W
Total: 90W

Front Speakers:
• 13.8” (35cm) x 5.6” (14.2cm) x 5.6” (14.45cm)
• 7.1lbs (3.2kg)

• 5.9” (15cm) x 18.5” (47cm) x 15” (38cm)
• 19lbs (8.6kg)

• Analog Stereo Inputs (2 x stereo RCA)
• Digital Audio Inputs (2 x optical, 2 x coax)
• Bluetooth

• AC 100-240V DC 19V, 3.9A
User Interface

• Power On/Off
• Volume Control (Master, Center, Subwoofer)
• iQS™ Surround Modes (iQS 3D, TV)
• Bluetooth Pairing
• Input Source Select (DVD, TV, VCR, Optical, Coax)
Color Options

• Piano Black
• Silver
In the Box

• Front Speaker Unit
• Subwoofer
• Universal AC Power adapter
• US, Foreign power cords
• Remote Control
• Multiconductor cable
• 2m stereo RCA cable
• Wall mount hardware

SONIQ is a specialist audio design and engineering company with a portfolio of products utilizing proprietary iQS™, intelligent sound technology which transforms the way sound is heard by intelligently recreating the sound environment as it was recorded: immersive, natural and dynamic.

SONIQ was founded in 2009 after one of the founders, Mr. Chandra Reddy, observed that audio technology had not made quite the same leap in quality as visual technology had on television. Determined to close the gap, Mr. Reddy embarked on a search to find a solution to the problem and which led him to SONIQ’s co-founder, Mr. Yas Yamazaki.

Mr. Yamazaki had served as the President of Nakamichi USA and his three decades of experience in consumer audio electronics were influenced by his childhood passion to perfect audio fidelity. Together, they formed SONIQ and combined their collective expertise in audio processing circuits and semiconductor production, to develop a chip that would eventually become iQS™, intelligent sound.

By combining SONIQ’s technological expertise with their passion for movies and music, the company transforms the way sound is experienced in a simple and elegant solution. The result is a home theater experience without multiple wired speakers, special room set ups, and above all without the cost and complexity!